I set up Professional Writing Company to help professionals who know good written material would help build their businesses but do not have the time or the skills to produce it themselves. I am a professional journalist, as well as a coach, hypnotherapists and NLP practitioner and if you buy any of my services I WILL BE DOING THE WRITING. I also have a talented team working with me to provide proof-reading, design, research and other essential skills. 

What some of our customers say

I've been working with Ann Jaloba for a while now and Ann's support and guidance have been invaluable whilst I have been writing my book ‘The Infertility Experience’. Sally Coombes

"Thank you so much for your informative book! It's like having a best friend by your side as I take a leap of faith and take on this challenge." Debbie Crew

Quite a few months ago I started a book but felt stuck after 3 chapters. I booked a coaching session with Ann who gave me such brilliant feedback and guidance. I realised I was on the wrong track and needed to write about my passion - motivational weight loss. I'm now on the penultimate chapter and loving it! If you're stuck for ideas or direction I'd definitely recommend a coaching session! Lynn Roberts

Jackie Karkeek has finished one of our writing courses and says "it's been great to get me started. Many thanks for that."

 The book is selling brilliantly. I am so pleased with it and I got on BBC radio Leicester within a week of publication. The cover is catchy and has a great title. Ann Jaloba has worked wonders to publish this book and coach me along the way. I was quite thrilled to see the trolls comment! I have arrived to the A list! Manjit Kaur Ruprai