How much I charge will depend on your project but here is a rough idea of what you would pay for our services. If you want to know more then contact me and we will set up a phone call or a Skype

Ghost writing a non-fiction book £2,000- £10,000 (this depends on length and subject and a few other factors)

Writing a monthly blog post (750 words) £20-£50 a month (6 months minimum contract)

Designing and editing marketing material/material for your clients (20 page brochure) from £200

Coaching sessions (on subjects including book title, your concept, structuring an article, writing marketing material and much more) £80 (sessions are one hour and I will read copy you send to us before the meeting)

Designing a book cover £100

Designing and editing a  book (including cover) from £600

Producing an e-book from £300

Hourly rate for general writing £50